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domingo, 15 de noviembre de 2015

A profile of those who travel along Route 66

A very intery interesting survey about Route 66 and those who take their vacations or Road Trips along it was conducted by

They looked into who drives the Mother Road, where do they live (US, in the eight states along Route 66, in other parts of the US, abroad), how long are their trips, what activities do they do, what sights do they see, and much more.

Below are some images we prepared with their key findings:

Route 66 visitor profile

Yes, most drive Route 66 from East to West. And 85% of those road-trippin' along it are from the U.S. The average age group for Americans is 50 to 59 and for international visitors it is 40 to 49.

37% of all the visitors (and 80% of international travellers) are doing Route 66 for the first time and all visitors (local and foreign) will dedicate 11 days to their Road Trip.

Country of origin

Where do the international visitors live? Well, taking all foreign visitors as 100%, almost one in three, as you can see below, most (27%) come from Britain, Canadians add up to 14% of the total. Aussies are an 8.4%, followed by French and Germans (7% each), Dutch (6%), Spanish (5%) and Italians (4%). Then with more than 1% are the Belgians, Swiss, Finns, Danes, Norwegians, Kiwis and Irish. All the other countries contribute with less than 1% per country.

country of origin of Route 66 travellers

The image above shows the breakdown of visitors. All add up to 100% (which are, 15% of Route 66 visitors). The size of each flag is proportional to the country's share of visitors. Beige colored areas are the other countries, which individually add up to less than 1% of the total.

More to come!

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